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UNCONFIRMED: 3 new Nexus smart phones from different makers

Google Nexus

Almost all Android makers has already released its quad-core smart phones while the current Nexus smart phone is due for a replacement. In the recent Google IO, Google has revealed a 7″ tablet and a cloud media streaming device. So is there anything new from the Nexus program?

New rumour suggests that there will be not one but 3 smart phone makers working on the next Nexus device namely Samsung, Sony and LG. This came as NTT Docomo’s upcoming phone line up was leaked with 3 “Nexus” devices on the list.

For Samsung, word has it that the next Galaxy Nexus with bumped up 1.5GHz dual-core processor (previously 1.2GHz dual-core), upgraded 8MP rear camera, 1.9MP front facing camera and surprisingly a micro SD expansion slot. The other two devices from Sony and LG are lacking details but it is worth pointing out that the LG’s Nexus device is said to be waterproof.

It was once reported that Google was looking at allowing up to 5 manufacturers early access to latest Android builds to develop “Nexus” devices. If the rumours are true, this might be the first signs of multiple Nexus devices instead of the usual single partner approach for each release. Earlier on, it was rumoured that Motorola would be part from the Nexus program after Google’s acquisition but that didn’t materialise.

The first Nexus device – Nexus One was manufactured by HTC followed by the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus which was made by Samsung. Meanwhile the recently announced Nexus 7 tablet is made by ASUS.

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