Unbelievable: These Galaxy S III Knock-Offs Look Almost Like the Original

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China, the land of possibilities, is showing us that it is indeed possible for you to get fakes of almost anything and everything there. Case in point, take a look at these Galaxy S III rip-offs.

Aside from looking very much like the original Samsung flagship smartphone, the Chinese fakes come in two versions, a low spec fake S III and a high spec version complete with a 4.8-inch, 720p display and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Even the fake box looks like the real one.

The low-end fake S III features a 4.7-inch 480×800 display, there’s also a 5-megapixel rear camera and a VGA front camera. A far cry from the quad-core powerhouse that is the real Galaxy S III, the fake low-end version is powered by a 1GHz processor with 512MB RAM and a paltry 4GB of on-board storage, running an ancient Android 2.3 OS. On top of that, the device looks to be much thicker than the original S III. The low-end fake S III is selling for US$209 or RM664 at today’s exchange rate.

The high-end fake S III features a non-Super AMOLED 4.8-inch 1280×720 display, an 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera. There’s 1.2GHz dual-core MT6577 processor made by Taiwanese company MediaTek. The device comes with 1GB of RAM, an 16GB of on-board storage. You also get Android 4.0, TWO standard SIM card slots, a USB 2.0 port, and a 2500mAh Li-on battery. As if that’s not enough, the original accessories work with this knockoff of the S III. The device sells for US$272 or RM865 at today’s exchange range.

Would you get one? Why?

Head over to after the jump for some hands-on videos of the two devices.

Low-end version

High-end version


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30 Comments for Unbelievable: These Galaxy S III Knock-Offs Look Almost Like the Original


Where can I get one? I'm interested in its dual sim feature. If


Will apple apprentice now World Grandmaster Samsung sue this Chinese pirate for patent infringement (special visual effects) or are thesecool rip offs not cool enough ? LOL !

u no

China job..


with open source OS like android, its so much easier to fake an item like mobile phone.
even tho its much cheaper, i'd rather save my money for the real deal which will leave me the warranty problem without any worries.


    on top of that, u know who u must sue if the phone suddenly bursts in flame.


      who who who? which phone suddenly burst in flame?


It's free-will. Made in China for all your needs. If u still wanna pay for inovator products and pay for intellectual property, you know what to buy. China is giving us a choice.
Same applies to women, don't like local, get the made in China version (better deal).


    That last line is extremely inappropriate, imho.


mana nk bli ni????mcm terbaik nih…


The king of copycat got copied lol.


    Finally king of hater from fruit make some noise…


    agreed. in your face samseng!


SoyaCincau, why don't you buy one and test it out and give us a review?! It looks very promising other than the annoying tones it gives out…


    If you are sincere & a gentleman, you should go out to borrow/buy it & frwd to SoyaCincau to test.

    Plse have a little respect for SC, I am sure he is not your call boy



      I'll certainly buy one if it is well tested out and reviewed by a reliable tech blog like SoyaCincau.


Previously China copycat only make fake iPhone because China people like Apple products.
Now they are also making fake Samsung devices. Samsung should be feeling a bit happy, now that they have received the same level of popularity as Apple in China.

    u no

    iphone fake or not fake..still made in china..

Idderes Mh

Samsung did not sue the company that produces artificial?


They mostly use MTK chip solution, MTK = super hang low end performance chip.
Don't trust it. definitely you will end up over pay for a garbage.


    not anymore man.. the mtk6577 in this clone is a dual core a9 1.2ghz processor.. check the benchmark b4 u talk..


      even the lowest end of mtk6573 performs admirably against iphone 3gs (ahem…without considering the internal storage ;p)


i rather buy that then to support samsung


    u still got to thank samsung for bringing out SIII otherwise no chance for u to buy that…

Idderes Mh

Samsung does not suit the company that produces artificial?


off topic. oouuu …. I just got an update for my galaxy note again! 😉 Galaxy note owners… go check your Kies!


    Forgot to mention, it has some S 3 features. Awesomeness video pop up.. Multitasking


Soyacincau guy sleeping I guess…so long no updates


I have a feeling the 'high end version' is not running Android 4.0, but instead is running Android 2.3. There were 3 points of suspicion:

1) The volume indicator when the volume button was pressed is orange coloured, instead of blue. 3:50 of the clip. There is no reason to have the rest of the UI have blue (though not accurate to ICS) theme, but the volume bar has orange, other than a poor theme job.
2) The default app selection dialogue. Does not look like ICS.
3) The shut down screen. Does not look like ICS.

tim cheah

that is crazy! don't bother getting this. Get the REAL S3 and if you don't know which is best, check this out: http://savemoney.my/best-samsung-galaxy-s3-plans-…