Exploded Galaxy S III likely to be caused by microwave

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Exploding Samsung Galaxy S3

Earlier on, a Samsung Galaxy S III owner alleged that his newly bought device suddenly exploded while charging in his car. Obviously news of an exploding flagship phone would spread like wild fire. Samsung in the other hand has taken the issue very seriously and they had launched a thorough investigation.

To find out what’s the main cause, Samsung had commissioned Fire Investigations UK (FIUK) to examine the device. It was later determined that the energy source of the heat came externally and it wasn’t from the device itself. The main highlight is that the only possible way to reproduce such damage if it was placed within a domestic microwave.

After the findings were make known, the purported owner had posted in the same forum where he first posted that he retracted all statements against Samsung over the “exploding” issue. He added on that damage was caused by someone else as an attempt to dry off his Galaxy S III that has gotten wet. The FIUK report had also questioned the missing moisture detection patch which is often phone internally.

Hopefully that clears up the rumours of exploding Galaxy S III. You can read the full details over at Samsung Tomorrow Blog.

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13 Comments for Exploded Galaxy S III likely to be caused by microwave

Malcolm Lim

Now those allegations are out of this world 😛

Idderes Mh

I thought this handset can be water.


*wild* fire


    Fixed. Thanks! =)


samsung pay the user to post such statement?


    no, the question should be , did apply pay the user to cook the phone in microwave?

      u no

      Its microwave not oven..
      study n learning the..
      didn't go to school

    Idderes Mh

    is it the Samsung pay too much to the user to change the statement before?


    CONSPIRACY! We never know if somebody was paid to tell a different story and cover up.


the tone and style used by that guy so different, comparing during he reported the problem and after retract the statement. either has been paid by Samsung or threatened to be sued. God knows


Yea typical of samsung trying to be better than apple and any other brands by trying to mislead people, they released such statement and i bet paid thousands for that guy to 'tell the truth' lol.


What laa… you try to dry off your phone in a microwave oven. What an arse!


angelic apple will never do such thing…samsung the evil doer must have paid the guy!