These Videos Make the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity One of the Most Desirable Android Tablets We’ve Ever Seen

Posted:  June 25, 2012   By:    8 comments   

The Transformer Pad Infinity is ASUS’ new flagship tablet and the company doesn’t leave any stone unturned to ensure that its latest tablet is worthy of being called its greatest. And judging by the amazing detail presented in this new video series, you’ll agree that ASUS has put a great deal of thought in developing the Transformer Pad Infinity.

From its full 1920×1200 Full HD IPS display that’s been specifically developed to pack in as much pixels as possible without sacrificing brightness and performance, to the aircraft quality forged aluminium body and nano-moulded plastics that bond at the nano level to the aluminium, the videos create the impression that the Transformer Pad Infinity as one of the most, if not the most desirable tablet you can buy.

And if the rumoured Nexus Tablet that is said to be developed by ASUS, is given the same care and attention as the Transformer Pad Infinity, its reasonable to conceive that you will be seeing more ASUS tablets in the hands of users than you’re used too.

Head over to after the jump for more videos.

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8 Comments for These Videos Make the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity One of the Most Desirable Android Tablets We’ve Ever Seen


This is a damn nice tablet!! Much better that what Samsung has to offer.. The previous Transformer prime offers a pleasant UI experience with minimal lag.. I believe this will perform even better.. Can't wait for it to come to Malaysia.


Samsung will come out with something on par with this. Just wait and see


what ASUS lack in their tablet is 3G! please bring in 3G version to Malaysia

    muhyiddin Malay 1st

    seems they have serious 3G issues with their tablets. Isn' t it just so strange


      They do have 3G version of the last transformer prime.. Somehow it never comes to Malaysia though..


When the low cost high specs Nexus 7 launches July 2012, this expensive infinity will, like the other slow android coaches, become obsolete. If one really needs a physical keyboard, get a netbook or ultrabook. Tablets in its current form are just for light work & casual entertainent on the go

Jordan Swk

I want one!!!

Lava Kumar

Awesome!!! Can't wait to get my hands on it…;)