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Foxconn Chairman says the iPhone 5 “Will Put Samsung’s Galaxy III to Shame”

Foxconn makes iPhones, a lot of iPhones, along with other Apple products like the iPad and iPod touch, and gadgets from other big tech companies too like Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. And if someone of a considerable deal of influence — say, like the Chairman of Foxconn — talks about an anticipated product that has not been released yet, you can bet that there’s some degree of credibility in what that person says.

In this case, Foxconn’s Chairman Terry Gou told China Times at a recent annual shareholder’s meeting straight up that consumers should “wait for the launch of the iPhone 5″ because “the new model will put Samsung’s Galaxy III to shame”.

Those are mighty words coming from a man that would probably know more about the iPhone 5 than anyone else outside of Cupertino and it makes you wonder if Apple does see Samsung and the Galaxy S III as a real threat. It also makes you that little bit more curious as to what goodies the new iPhone will bring when it is unveiled possibly this October.

As for now, all we know about the iPhone 5 are rumours including a longer and thinner all-aluminium body housing a 4-inch screen that is expected to have a high enough screen resolution for Apple to tag the Retina Display name on it.

Let us see a show of virtual hands, how many of you are holding off your next smartphone purchase just to see what the new iPhone will bring?