UNCONFIRMED: 5.5″ Galaxy Note II coming in October

Posted:  June 5, 2012   By:    4 comments   

Samsung Galaxy Note

After the Galaxy S III, the next anticipated device would be the Samsung Galaxy Note replacement. Now word has it that Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy Note II which comes with a much bigger screen at 5.5″ which is also Super AMOLED at a massive resolution of 1680×1050. If the numbers are real, it will be the highest pixel density smart phone at 360ppi.

In terms of hardware, it is said to feature a dual-core Exynos 5250 processor with 1.5GB of RAM. Over at the back, it still has a 8MP camera but with improved lens and sensor.

Despite the current Galaxy Note’s massive 5.3″ size, that didn’t deter people from snapping up the Note off the shelves. To date, the Galaxy Note has sold over 7 million units worldwide, which is a testament that there is a market for Phone-tablet hybrid form factor. In our hands-on, the 5.3″ is rather huge which is a challenge to use single handedly. After all, all these details are still yet to be confirmed and we can’t wait to see more details before its expected launch in October.


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4 Comments for UNCONFIRMED: 5.5″ Galaxy Note II coming in October


I wonder why Samsung don't use exynos 5250 on samsung galaxy s3? Althought only dual core, exynos 5250 is more powerful than the 4412 quad.


Fuck yeah! Im gonna buy this phone.

Ling Pin

LG made a 5 inch 1080p display this is not the best pixel density huehuehue


i love my note and if that's true, i want want want note 2