Dealers Start Selling Samsung Galaxy S III without Contract

Posted:  June 2, 2012   By:    4 comments   

Update: As of 1145hrs, June 2, Cubic Platforms has sold out its inventory

If you’re in the market for a Galaxy S III but don’t want to be tied down to a contract then you’re in luck because there is now a number of ways for you can get one without the need to sign up for a contract.

We found an online seller that is currently taking orders for the device. Buyers can expect delivery by next week. If you can’t wait and you’re nearby a Celcom Blue Cube or a Celcom Galaxy S III Roadshow location then you can get one on the spot – provided that there are still units available. And just recently, Cubic Platforms has announced that it has received its inventory of Galaxy S III ready to be sold without contract.

If you’re looking for the Pebble Blue version however you’re out of luck as currently Cubic Platforms only carry the Marble White unit and even this version is limited everywhere we check.

So if you’re looking for a Galaxy S III and want to purchase it outright, there is now another place where you have a fair chance of getting one. Since the Galaxy S III is available in the open market without the need to sign an operator contract for it, we expect to see more and more dealers start taking orders or start selling the device as soon as they’ve received their inventory.

If you see of any dealers selling the device, do let us know.


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4 Comments for Dealers Start Selling Samsung Galaxy S III without Contract


tadi aku jumpa samsung booth kat klang parade..ada display s3 dalam warna putih dengan biru…
stok warna putih dah abis..warna biru je tinggal..harga dia dah naik jadi rm2399 dan 3 minggu untuk dapatkan s3

Hafisz Paradox

berbaloi ke beli dgn harga yg lebih tinggi dr harga RRP ni?