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Seller Taking Pre-Orders for Original 16GB Blue and White Samsung Galaxy S III. Delivery as Early as First Week of June

While operators are enjoying first to market exclusivity for the Galaxy S III, an enterprising seller has started taking orders for the just launched device. In addition, the seller also claims to have both the Pebble Blue and Marble White versions of the device (16GB). Price is as per the recommended retail price of RM2,199.

To secure a unit, all you need to do is bank in a deposit of RM250 and wait for seller to inform you when the unit is ready. Depending on your location, seller can either COD the unit to you or you arrange for self-pickup or same day delivery. As far as we can gather, seller is not offering any additional freebies on top of the device purchase.
In any case, this is very good news for those who are eager to get the latest and greatest from Samsung but are not keen to be tied down by a lengthy contract, but we must caution you to always be careful with online transactions of this manner. Having said that, the seller looks legit, even so, just be careful. Choose COD if you can as that is the best and safest option.

For details on how to pre-order head on over to the sellers forum thread on

Thanks Loke for the headsup.