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Celcom reveals Galaxy S III plan from RM1,398

Posted:  May 28, 2012   By:    43 comments   

This post is sponsored by Celcom, Malaysia’s widest network. Frost & Sullivan’s Mobile Broadband Provider for 2 years in a row.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Malaysia Celcom

With the full availability of Samsung Galaxy S III drawing near, Celcom has finally revealed its bundled pricing for Samsung’s flagship smart phone. The Galaxy S III can be yours this Thursday from RM1,398. The outright price is RM2,199 for the 16GB version.

On Celcom, it is offered with a shorter choice of 12 months and 18 months contract with Celcom Exec 50 with 1GB data, 3GB data and Celcom Exec 250 which comes with 5GB of data. As comparison, DiGi is offering only 24 months contract duration, which isn’t ideal for those that don’t want to be tied for long duration. More details of Celcom Galaxy S III plan here.

In conjunction wit the launch of the Galaxy, Celcom will be organising roadshows offering some interesting deals from May 31 to June 3 and promos at the following locations:

  • South Court Mid Valley Megamall, KL
  • North Court AEON Station 18, Ipoh
  • Centre Court and Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru

Thanks to @tcmean1 for the heads up!

Earlier this morning, @baliriot has alerted that Celcom is doing another special launch promo where the Galaxy S III can be yours for only RM888. The condition is that you’ll need to wear blue at their roadshow event to be entitled. It is also likely to be tied with a contract as well.

Head after the break for the print ad on the RM888 promo.

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43 Comments for Celcom reveals Galaxy S III plan from RM1,398


    This site could be a hoax!


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RM888 sounds interesting… but most likely it will be on Exec 250!! Die la… RM250 commitment per month. Pengsan..


i dont want a contract plan…..i prefer fully buy it and pay all the upfront….


i really need some advice. i plan to buy sgs3 this thursday & it will be my first ever smartphone. i have problem in deciding which network is the best for money. Digi offer the device for Rm1149 (24 month contract, rm68 monthly & 3gb) while celcom offer the device for Rm1678 (18 month contract, rm108 monthly & 3gb). This shows digi offer the best in term of pricing. but some of my friends said digi's network is not as good as celcom. I'm confused right now & desperately need some pros advice. tqvm.


    Listen to me szhifo. DIGI will always offer the cheapest deal, but trust me, DIGI signal and reception quality is awful ! In many indoor places, you will not be able to get a signal, eg in many malls and even homes. I know its very tempting, with them offering 3 GB internet and no extra charge if you exceed it for that price, but the thing is, the internet (3G) signal is so poor, you won't even be able to use the internet nicely. S-Voice which needs stable internet connection , will not work well (unless u got WIFI). Take my advice, pay a bit mroe and get in on MAXIS or Celcom. I know its expensive, but the reception quality u will get is a million times better than DIGI. I will be getting it in September, with a Maxis plan. Trust me. In short, you get what u pay for, and cheap means shit.


      Seconded! =)

      turnaround guru

      Buy outright new from somebody cheap in Subang S16 or Lowyat then get a prepaid data &/or phone plan from umobile or someone with a strong line from where you use your phone. Pay only what you actually use !

      That way you are in control and save lots of money in long run


    I will plan to go for DiGi smart plan. I had been with DiGi almost 7 years and data line is stable but recently data not stable due to DiGi is upgrading to LTE and believev DiGi will be first to launch it LTE and more stable 3G signal. Agreed voice signal is not good compare to other 2.
    total price to own S3 still DiGi best… Waiting U mobile and Maxis paln for welcoming S3.


      If we were you, we won't wait for LTE. At least a year away and first phones will be further down the line. LTE dongles will come in first.


        Hi soyacincau, when do you think the RRP of the SGS3 will be slashed ? I noticed that the Galaxy nOte was released in December 2011, and the RRP was slashed by RM300 somewhere in June if im not mistaken. So do you think that the RRP of the Galaxy S2 will be slashed by say mid September 2012, as Iphone 5 will be out also >?


    thanx alot for the info guys. guess i'll take celcom offer then.


    I'm using DIGI for 2 years now, reception is awful. Go for Maxis or Celcom

Muhd Ikram Lim

Salam.. Samsung galaxy note sudah boleh update to 4.0


Maxis plan on the way soon. http://goo.gl/KrNOI


ermm….why september 2012? am i missing something here?


    why september???i'm curious


guys nak tanya mana lagi bagus beli pakai plan ke atau beli fon tu without plans


    guys please give your opinions huhuhu


      Beli yg full without contract le bagos if u got wifi in ur house or opis…but if u r going places and mobiles around, highly recommend using contract


        I think I will buy without the contract one. Thanks for the advise. I already calculated the price of the plans and I think I will go with the prepaid because it is cheaper in my opinion.


Morning guys, i got one more q. let say if i choose the celcom 1gb plan, is it possible to upgrade it to the 3gb plan in the future (before the 18 month contract ends) if i find the 1gb plan not sufficient for me? thanx for ur help in advance.


    Aku celcom user. Yes u can.
    But, kalu tak cukup banwidth, boleh tambah rm15 untuk additional 1 gig. Buat pangilan ke 1111 cakap nak tambah.


    bro 1 gig mana cukup. 3 gig pun aku selalu exceed sebulan.


How about the RM888 things??? the advertisement shown that got chance to get it??? and I already register wit celcom online already.Means I have to go early to line up??? But the fair like 3 to 4 days right???


    Hello, is it worth to buy contracted phones?


so mr cincau…r u going to wear stricking BLUE during celcom launching on 31 May till 3 June at Mid Valley, AEON Station 18 Ipoh and Sutera Mall JB….if yes then good luck to you!!!!


btw, ICS rollout for Samsung note in malaysia is out!


    old news ledi. ics on note may give betri problems, so beware !


Is the DIGI package good enough? but one have to sign contract for 2 years & there's so much complaints on Digi coverage itself

In rgds to Celcom, RM888 for S3 is on a random basis , even though you show up in blue on the launching day @ Mid Valley tmrw. Yet, no further details is available as of now.

Is there anything from UMobile & Maxis yet?


is it also available in retail outlet tomorrow?….i would prefer using prepaid instead of the telco plan….


kalau tunggu next year agak2 harga die turun x..??


I need info on celcom launch promo. Wearing blue will get u 888, but forr which package? What is the upfront payment?

    Aaron Mah

    yea i wana know about this celcom roadshow anyone in midvalley can pls check it out?? how much will they sell the phone alone with no package? THX


Is best dont get fool by celcom, this morning I went to the celcom roadshow . My 1st thought definitely have to buy their data plan, then suddenly I saw a spinning wheel which split 4 different categories just like the article says. Therefore have to spin the wheel see how lucky are u wether able to get 888 or unfortunate ones ,besides than that I seriously damn piss at the celcom manager lack of coordination and did not communicate between non register and register on9 user, seriously why in the news and media did not mention anything about spinning wheel I have wasted over there for nearly 5 hours for that bloodie spinning wheel. I am very huge disappoint of the promo and celcom team did not explain about the data plan. Despite the queue is becoming a huge massive mess which the celcom management did not instruct them properly, is narrow and stuffy. 888 is nothing especially for those who dont desire to apply the data plan, better not to waste your time just go and buy from samsung authorized instead.


    thx so the roadshow does not sell the phone any cheaper without package?


Unless if lucky ones who spin fortunate of wheel then u may be luck to get 888 otherwise u have to buy their data plan package.


    What is total you need to pay to get the phone with data plan or celcom exec voice+data?


      if we buy the package, after contract can we go back using prepaid..??


        yes u can but u still need to pay to celcom data plan coz you sign their contract which is kinda pointless to have one in-exchange prepaid card. unless you are using celcom number then u can do it that way


Guys, what ever the plan you have in mine please note that we still are at the bottom 5 in internet speed world wide. That's why we are in dire strait thinking which provider we should choose to get better speed and connection.
Average Malaysian pays 10% of their salary just to have excess to communication and internet services.
Internet services is parts of our daily life nowadays and with advertisment and sponsor using the internet I wonder why our service provider need to still charge us.
Advertiser pay the internet service provider to reach people like us .. so why are they making us pay for their internet service. Shouldn't it be free? Think about it.


how much do we need to pay to buy for galaxy 3 via celcom contract?i'm not sure how the contract works??