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By the numbers: Samsung Galaxy S III specs compared

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The anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III is finally revealed in the early hours this morning. So how does the new Galaxy S III compares in term of hardware specification?

Side by side with the HTC One X, both comes with quad core processor which HTC sources from Nvidia while Samsung goes with its very own Exynos processor. In terms of screen, the Galaxy S III is bigger by 0.1″ but uses a PenTile HD Super AMOLED rather than its leading Super AMOLED Plus.

The biggest distinction between the two would be the battery which is removable on the Galaxy S III and expandable storage via microSD. Since cloud storage is an upcoming trend, Samsung also offers 50GB dropbox storage for 2 years, doubling what HTC is offering for the One X.

In the imaging section, the Galaxy S III carries a 8MP camera but with a gap closing burst mode of 20 continuous shots at 3.3FPS. As comparison, the HTC One X is capable of shooting up to 99 shots at 4FPS. Of course, speeds and quality are 2 different things and we are looking forward to see sample shots from the S III.

In terms of dimensions, the Galaxy S III is thicker and slightly heavier than the outgoing Galaxy S II. When compared to the HTC One X, the S III is thinner and has a smaller width and negligibly heavier by just 3 grams.

This time around, Samsung isn’t banging much on hardware and they have placed more emphasis on the software side of things. Along with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung has integrated its own TouchWiz UI with more natural interaction such as S Voice, Smart Stay, Automatic Social Tagging and S Beam. Will these human interactions make a difference or is it just another party trick that would easily wear off? We will find out more once we get a hands on with the device which we believe is coming soon in the next month or so.

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