RIM behind Australia’s Wake Up protests at Apple Store

About a week ago, there was a mysterious flashmob protest in front of a Apple Store in Sydney Australia. A group of people came out from a black bus, holding playcards and started shouting WAKE UP!. Nobody knew what the protest is all about and the only clue was the countdown timer at the Wake Up Australia microsite.

The whole flashmob protest was captured by Blunty, who was “coincidently” on location when the event took place. Almost immediately, there are dozens of speculation that Samsung is behind such tactic and as usual, you’ll get fans from both brands attacking each other. The association is almost expected considering there’s a countdown timer and everybody knows that the Samsung Galaxy S III is coming soon. Adding more fuel is Samsung’s indirect swipe on Apple users in their teaser video.

To prevent Samsung from getting all the credit, RIM has finally admitted that they are behind the campaign. The series of flash mob is just one of their attempts to get people to talk about their upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform where a major announcement is expected on 7th May. It was later revealed that Blunty was earlier on tipped to witness the event without being told what the campaign is all about. Being a social blogger, it was highly expected of him to record the protest and blog about it afterwards.

Looks like RIM is becoming more aggressive now which is something unheard of previously. In the US, they have started their BlackBerry Challenge series to highlight its practicality advantages.

Head after the break for the protest & follow up video.