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VIDEO: This Screen Protector is Tougher than Gorilla Glass

A screen protector is just an overpriced plastic sheet that does very little in protecting the screen of your prized smartphone. Sure it’ll keep the screen of your phone free from scratches but drop your phone on the pavement and there’s really nothing much a flimsy screen protector can do to protect it from the impact. That is unless you use Buff – a screen protector that is incredibly tough, capable of withstanding knocks from a mug, a hammer and even a brick.

What makes the Buff screen protector special is its construction which consists of four impact absorbing and dispersing layers. This special construction not only make the Buff screen protector tough as nails but also help it reduce air bubbles trapped beneath the protector if the protector is not properly applied. Buff says unsightly bubbles will disappear within 24-48 hours, depending on room temperature.

Wondering where you can get a Buff screen protector? Currently, no one knows how or where to get one. At this point, they don’t appear to be available on the BUFF website, although word has it that these ultra-tough screen protectors are going for around US$20 — $30 around the web. Good luck finding one. And if you do find one, let us know.