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Yes introduces SuperBooster quota top up

When Yes introduced its Super Postpaid plans, it lacked data quota top up options. This means that you’re stuck with 128kbps throttled speed until the next billing cycle if you have depleted your allocated monthly usage quota. Now they have introduced new SuperBooster, which is a top up option for you to regain back your full speed when your speeds are throttled.

Price starts from RM10 for 256MB and it goes up to RM55 for 3GB. In terms of validity, it follows your current billing cycle. For example if you’re 6 days until your quota is renewed, your extra top up quota is valid only for 6 days. Any unused data from the SuperBooster will not be carried forward to the new month. To top up, you can purchase it at My Account at the Yes portal.

For more information, head over to Yes SuperBooster page.