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The HTC One X is HTC’s range topping model from the HTC One series. Powered by a 1.5GHz Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor, this is the first quad-core Android smart phone to hit the market and at an attractive price tag of RM2,099.

Looking at the device at the first time, the white HTC One X appears to be cheap with its plastic looking body. However just like the Nokia Lumia 800 / N9, the HTC One X is made out of polycarbonate which gives it a nice feel in the hands. The polycarbonate body is rather solid and during the launch, they even have a demo of being being tortured without any sign of cracking. Having a unibody design, there are no visible screws and the only visible slots are micro-USB at the sides and the microSIM tray at the top. Unfortunately the 1,800mAh battery is non-removable and there’s no expansion microSD slot.

Looking at the top of the phone where the speaker phone is located, HTC has incorporated some micro hole design. The holes are so fine that it resists water droplets from entering the phone. They did the same for the speaker phone at the rear. When we run through our fingers on the micro holes, it feels smooth with barely any feeling of a typical speaker phone.

In terms of display, the HTC One X comes with a vibrant 4.7″ Super LCD 2 display that pushes 1280×720 HD resolution. For added protection, the screen is toughen with 3D Gorilla glass due to its curved glass design at the edges. Images and text turn out sharp and crisp while the white displays appear slightly yellow in tint. This is more obvious when placed side by side with a Super AMOLED display smart phone like a Galaxy Nexus.

Powering the device is a 1.5GHz 4-Plus-1 Tegra 3 processor which makes it rather snappy. In our earlier media preview, a HTC rep has shared that all 4 cores will be running during intensive usage however to save on battery life, processing will be switched to this “extra core” where it handles basic operations during idling. As a result, the HTC One X claims to have 60% better battery performance than the HTC Sensation.

As demonstrated earlier, the HTC One X’s 8MP camera is amazingly quick. It is capable of shooting at 4FPS up to a total of 99 photos continuously. Mind you that the burst photos are taken at its full 8MP resolution and are saved individually on separate folder for each burst. This makes it easier to organise instead of having all photos being saved on the same folder.

Overall, the HTC One X is an amazing device not just because of its cutting edge hardware but how the hardware is so completely and seamlessly integrated with the Android OS. The skin is very much improved with HTC Sense and we like the little touches that it bring.

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12 Comments for HTC One X hands-on


white or black? 😀

Akmal Yusri

beautiful as ever


hello soyacincau what about the htc one s?is it available in malaysia?


    Won't be available this 2nd April. HTC will announce it sometime later.


I take my hat off to HTC. Beautiful design. A spiritual successor to the N9 in industrial hardware design.
I'm not a fan of android phones but if it had the Pure View camera in it, I would grab it instantly.
Johnny Ives really needs to up the ante on the next iphone 5. The latest batch of Android phones from Sony and HTC really look cool. In comparison the iphone 4/4s are really looking outdated and the boxy design never felt comfortable to grip in the hand.


Finally i see a review where someone actually locks the screen when they turn the device o.o


is white easily gets dirty??


I want to know what happen after the last picture??? Was it replica only???


    It is just to demonstrate the stress that the polycarbonate cover could take. Not with the screen and internals included. 🙂


      Wooohooo… I thought it was Atmel's XSense part… hehe…


I really want the One S so frickin badly!! urghhhh!! @SoyaCincau ! do you guys who when it might be out here?