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Ice Cream Sandwich Update for the HTC Sensation XE is Available Now!

The title is self-explanatory. Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich goodness for the HTC Sensation XE is now available in Malaysia complete with a refreshed version of HTC’s Sense UI skin (version 3.6) as well.

To get it, go to “Software Updates” button under the “Settings” menu. The update is nearly 300MB big, so WiFi connectivity is always a good idea to ensure a smooth and speedy update.

If you got screen grabs of the HTC Sense 3.6 with ICS, do share it with us. If you want, do a video review and send us the YouTube link. If its decent, we’ll post it up for you.

Enjoy and special thanks to @chandelierpop for the picture, also to Deva and uuusiew for the headsup. You guys are so stupendously awesome!