HTC One Malaysian Media Launch April 2. Should be in Stores by April 6

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Update: The HTC One X and One V will be in stores this Monday April 2, not April 6 as earlier estimated. Official RRP for the HTC One X is RM2,099 and the One V will retail for RM999. HTC will be running a roadshow at Pavilion, KL from April 2 to April 8 so be sure to check that out for some great deals and offers.

This is it ladies and gents, we’ve just received confirmation that the HTC One series will be launched in Malaysia in the first week of April right after the regional launch happening in Singapore at the end of this week.

The HTC One trio will be introduced to the local media on April 2 and we expect the device to be in stores by Friday April 6. Yesterday, U Mobile kicked-off proceedings with its HTC One X and One V registration of interest and we’re expecting Celcom, DiGi and Maxis to start cluing consumers in on their plans for the HTC One series within this week as well.

In terms of pricing, the current estimates are: HTC One X — RM2,099, HTC One S — RM1,899, and we’re pegging the HTC One V to be below RM1,000 (though rumours are saying that it could be priced at around RM1,099 to RM1,199).

We’ll be in Singapore at the regional launch to give you the most comprehensive coverage and live updates of HTC’s exciting new line-up so keep your browser locked on to get the latest.

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17 Comments for HTC One Malaysian Media Launch April 2. Should be in Stores by April 6


I looked at the price list from SIS Malaysia today, HTC One V will be selling at RM999, but there is no sign of HTC One S on that list. Wonder why One S didn't come to Malaysia.

Idderes Mh

I want the first to buy it


According to many resellers in lowyat forum, the stock will arrive in earliest this coming fri or latest next tues.. superbuy also replied 3-5 working days.. guess some seller will receive their stock earlier.. while some will receive them after the launching


I want One s, and no one is offering it? TT


due to the delay of S4 processor for One S, the One S will b later to release after One X & One V


Yup, it is due to the delay of snapdragon S4 chips. Just grab the one x la since it's better in almost everything except the quad tegra3 ( S4-dual core beats >>>>>>>>>>> Tegra3 -quad core )

Idderes Mh

For me HTC One X is complete. The best audio, best picture snap, and best design. Awesome!~


    i just hope that hTC can make a dedicated camera button for the phone


where's the venue? why censored?


    It's a media event, by invitation only

Kristen Cowan

HTC One just looks so attractive that I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm thinking of ditching my LG smartphone for this one.


SenQ and SenHeng also come out with their price..rm2069 for member and April got another rm50 discount due to member day. Free one htc bluetooth headset worth rm199.


    Where do get this info? From their website? Wah, it's a good offer!


Tried the One X in Plaza Shah Alam. Damn nice.

Iam Ariff

One S RM1899 ?.add Rm200 can get quadcore.4.7 inch.32gb….just add 200


when i talk to the HTC seller… they was mentioning got problem with the reception for 1 x, and the battery will kong faster? and he recommends HTC 1 S instead…. highlighting its 1.7 not 1.4 or 1.5 – comparing S3 & 1x