VIDEO: New iPad camera compared with iPad 2

Posted:  March 17, 2012   By:    2 comments   

The new iPad comes with an improved 5MP camera which is a leap forward from the iPad 2’s 0.7MP. To illustrate the difference, iMore has done a video comparison between the 2 and the difference is clear. For the front facing camera, the new iPad is slightly brighter despite having a similar 0.3MP camera as iPad 2.

The 5MP rear camera produces detailed photos and from the sample shots they have taken, you’ll notice right away the details especially the grass which is fuzzy on the iPad 2. The new iPad also produces better bokeh shots.

Check out the full photo comparison over at the source link. Official sample photos of the new iPad here.


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2 Comments for VIDEO: New iPad camera compared with iPad 2

Malcolm Lim

erm..isn't this a rather lame comparison > 0.7 mp VS 5 mp (yes I know the sensor plays a part too) but seems kinda lame.

Nicholas Woon

lame comparison!….let's compare 5MP vs 5MP…=.=