Maxis offers iPhone 4S on Value Plus Internet & Internet Value Plans

Posted:  March 16, 2012   By:    6 comments   

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If you’re planning to get an iPhone 4S, Maxis now offers additional plans for bundle. Now you can get the iPhone 4S on the recently announced Value Plus Internet plan and Internet Value Plans which comes with affordable monthly subscription fees as low as RM30/month (for supplementary Value Plus Internet plan).

For the light users, there’s the Value Plus Internet 30 (For supplementary) and Value Plus Internet 50 which comes with 250MB of data and bundled calls and SMS. For the slightly heavier data user, you have the Internet Value 50 & 75 which offers 1.5GB and 3.5GB respectively. Being a lighter commitment plan, the subsidy is quite minimal as compared to the standard iValue plans for the iPhone 4S.

For more information, head over to Maxis.

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6 Comments for Maxis offers iPhone 4S on Value Plus Internet & Internet Value Plans


no body wants it?

padan muka. the stock is so limited/scarce you really think ppl dont have a choice? everywhere i go, its 16gig black.
yea right i got a samsung,


    i bought a galaxy note. the screen size is like 220% of iphone.

    i love iphone, but i must say its too small.

    i'm willin to wait for iphone 5, because my gnote is not on a plan 😀


2990 for an old design phone ? wtfffffffffffffffff ?


is it me or is it maxis doesnt want people to sign iphone with Mobile Internet 1GB 1 year with iPhone 16gb


i don't understand, Value Plus Internet 50 16G is RM2,050 or RM1,950? so confusing


i am planning to buy iphone 4s without contract at apple store or other shop that sell iphone 4s. so, if i subscribe the Internet value 75, i just need to pay rm75 without contract?

because i am the existing blackberry BIS user. so, i just want to change my blackberry to uox BIS plan RM25/month for 250mb data.

what should i do? just call the maxis operator and ask them to change my data to iphone 4s Internet Value 75 ? isn't it?