Sample Photos: Nokia 808 PureView

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The Nokia 808 PureView has created a lot of buzz with its epic 41MP camera. A worthy successor of the Nokia N8, the Nokia 808 PureView is a mobile photography marvel that boasts a biggest sensor with the highest megapixel count ever for a smart phone.

Figures aside, let’s take a look at some sample photos that were released by Nokia. The result is simply impressive and the earlier suggested theory behind the teaser was right after all. Head after the break and be amazed! Be warned, the original photos are 10-12MB each.

Resized (Download Original 12.4MB)

100% Crop

Rio Streetview
Resized (Download Original 10.4MB)

100% Crop

Climbing at South Africa
Resized (Download Original 13.7MB)

100% Crop


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29 Comments for Sample Photos: Nokia 808 PureView


I must say the photos look really good. Perfect to someone who wants a camera that has the ability to make phone calls.


    i think nokia is digging his own grave.

    why not nokia + nikon?

    41mp? why not make a DSLR that can make phone call?

    we need a phone, look at android and iphone, those are the phones we wanted, not some shitty xxmp phone. its the OS that matters. not 100mp photo quality.

    and i pity those nokia user that cannot even afford a G12 canon.

    get a life, get a camera. not a camera phone.


      If u could actually cool down, show a bit of humility, and get a clue, you'd actually realized that the whole purpose of this pureview thingy is not about escalating the megapixel war, but to actually end it. Pureview only works at the 2mp, 5mp and 8mp resolutions, not the full blown 38mp. The purpose is to produce the best mobile phone photos, eliminating as much noise as possible at those resolutions, hence why the pureview mode maxes out at 8mp. In order to be able to do that in a mobile phone though, they needed the 41mp. Just because you want an iOS or Android device doesn't mean every single person on earth want em too. Get a clue, and stop being such a fanboy.

        Rohaizad Husin

        Don't mind him. He must be uneducated and a fool and a fanboy and ungrateful. If Nokia wasn't there in the first place, we might all still be using antenna phones.

        CS Lee

        already quit talking with iFanboy long ago… lol…

Vicent Chua

Wow really a successor? Dont bullshit me with copy paste sentence from others. I remember you bullshit about Nokia N8 being the worst compared to ip4s. Dont tell me,you're are going to bullshit again when ip5 comes out? Reminder to you ifag brains hope you regret bullshitting about ip4s being the god phone.

Nokia N8 beats iph4 flat no doubt, I know you're a under table paid blogger. I hope to see non bias blog from you when you get this device (pureview) and compared with others.

Go get a photography class to understand what you blog in the future!!!

Check this blog out :

Lessons learned

With the 12Mpix Nokia N8, for example, we were more concerned with capturing photons of light than
ramping up the number of megapixels. We bucked the trend and went with a large sensor and 1.75
micron pixels — but the result was a new benchmark in image and video quality. This set the Nokia N8
apart at the time, and competitors are still trying to match it two years later. The Nokia PureView Pro
comes is equipped with an even larger sensor, 1/1.2” approximately 2.5 larger than the sensor used
in the Nokia N8. The result is an even larger area to collect photons of light. With PureView we’re
continuing to make choices focused on performance rather than pixels for pixels’ sake. Fewer but
better pixels can provide not just better image and video quality, but better overall user experience
and system capability.
In fact, 5Mpix-6Mpix is more than enough for viewing images on PC, TV, online or smartphones.
After all, how often do we print images bigger than even A4?


    Why are you copy pasting from Nokiablog?

      smart alex

      Comon, whether it was copy paste from nokia is the blogger's business.
      If you have a brain, think for yourself.

      I believe soyacincau doesn't owe you readers a living, does he ?


    If you think soya is a sold out and makes your blood boiled because their opinion clashes with yours, why you bother coming back here and expect him to be non biased?

    Are you suggesting that 808 is not a worthy successor and N8 is still better?


    Don't be so harsh and opinionated. I do agree that this is a camera phone and not the other way round. A future review will have to take into consideration that most people who buy this phone will be photography enthusiasts so things like low light IQ, white balance etc… really matters.
    Stop arguing about the screen resolution, Android, IOS, Windows or whatsoever here. That's not the point of this camera phone. This camera module/technology will eventually make its way to those operating systems if its successful.
    It is the camera module that has taken the photography people by storm. Just go to dpreview and read the discussion there.


      so i go dpreview to read about a phone.

      do i come to soyacincau to read canon and nikon latest camera?


        No, you go to dpreview to read about cameras of course. And when dpreview finds it worthy to talk about the technology behind a phone camera, u should probably get a clue there as well. You come to soya cincau however, to be an obnoxious prick obviously. Someone sure needs to get a life alright..


43MP wow, what about the storage capacity


its a revolutionary technique of pixel shifting…im interested in the pixel shifting actually, its not a 43mp sensor physically, less than that…but impressive. Since normal interpolation produce ugly result…this does not….revolutionary algorithm!


pixel shifting? I think you mean pixel binning. This technique is not revolutionary in the sense that it has been used as a standard image processing algorithm to improve signal to noise ratio. But its the first time this technique has been applied to a phone camera and will it be used in point and shoot cameras too? Lets see.


I expect more from 41MP. The crop don't look sharp.


    because they using tiny lens.

    they should fail. padan muka.


      A lense bigger than the Cannon G12? Didnt know that now did you?


    Coz 'pureview' is not in action there. Its not about the megapixels. Its how they use em. You need to take a look at the uncropped 5mp stills. Thats where all the action takes place. People are missing the point of what this whole thing is about.


Not bad. Although i wonder how the users gonna copy his picture into the computer. Need a large HDD for picture collection though.


Very cool on Nokia's part. Big-ass camera serves as a major selling point, even though most people won't need a sensor like that. Also, let's not get too technical people. Phones are made for the mass public. If you actually know the difference between this sensor and the one inside a Canon DSLR, it's obvious this phone shouldn't appeal much to you.

People will see the sensor, will be mesmerized by the 41MP, and will buy it. This is not a phone meant for you people who want to take real photos. Go buy a DSLR for those, there is NO alternative no matter how big phone camera sensors get. They simply cannot capture the true depth and quality that a DSLR can. But for the people who just wanna snap clear photos with their phones, this is a great buy. It works, Nokia makes money, end of story. I'm a photo enthusiast, so obviously this phone's 41MP doesn't mean much to me, and by right it shouldn't. If you actually believe you can use this as a DSLR, then you don't know much about photography to begin with.


    Nobody is saying this is a DSLR replacement.
    I'm a bit of a photography enthuiast like you too but I don't want to lug my D7000 with me all the time. As you already know, the best camera is the one you have with you and because this is a phone too, you will have it with you all the time for the "must snap" moments.
    SoyaCincau's does a diservice to this camera by not pointing out clearly that the 41MPs are used for upsampling i.e pixel bining, a technology that is being used in a mobile phone for the first time. The image produced is more of a 5 MP picture but with supposely superior noise performance.…

    You might even get a passable bokeh with this phone and it is probally more usable in low light than the current crop of mobile phones and even some compacts.


      Right on babe! There's hope in this world after all 🙂


    i pity the dslr fags , who just looks so stupid walking around with the brick around their neck, snapping away pictures which a 2 year old probably could have taken with a point and shoot camera.

    btw, we really "love" to see the glorious picture of food you are eating shared on fb ….


I would jump in line to buy this but being the phone with an OS that is on the verge of being retired, I might as well wait for the WP variant.


This is Nokia's last phone that is released using the Symbian OS, Symbian Belle…i m not surprised they are going all out with their camera…but 40 over megapixels will totally change the smartphone market in the future…just to let all those fanatics out there, this phone is not meant to compete with Android, iOS or Windows…this is their last ever Symbian OS phone and this phone is dedicated to all the old Nokia users that had been using and supporting its brand…

in short, this phone will be the best ever Nokia Symbian OS that was ever mad…but if the sales of this phone is sky rocking…i wonder if they wan to make a U-turn by producing Symbian OS Nokia Phones together with their Windows OS phones…haha


holy c**p. amazing camera!! what about the phone?


just SHUT UP N TAKE MY MONEY!!! i've been waiting for the "successor of N8" n now it's here….ALL HAIL NOKIA!!! gahahaha….

from Pakistan

with love for nokia