MWC 2012: Nokia 808 PureView with 41MP sensor

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UPDATE: Nokia 808 PureView Sample Photos here.

Nokia has finally revealed its super camera phone with the Nokia 808 PureView which was earlier teased as a Nokia N8 successor. The Nokia 808 PureView comes with a colossal 41MP sensor with Carl Zeiss optics which widens the gap with other rival camera phones.

While having a 41MP censor, it actually takes 38MP photos at 4:3 aspect ratio and 34MP photos at 16:9. On most camera phones, zooming in would normally distort the image by over-scaling. With the Nokia 808 Pureview, zooming in for 5MP-8MP will appear lossless, maintaining its true details. For full HD 1080p videos, you could zoom up to 4X without losing any details.

Just like the N8, it comes with Xenon Flash but in addition, it also comes with assisted LED for videoshooting in the dark. For audio, the 808 PureView has Rich Recording that boasts CD-like quality which is capable of recording stereo sound up to 140-145db. That’s 4X louder than conventional mics which is greatly appreciated in extreme audio conditions such as concerts.

On the smart phone aspect, the Nokia 808 runs on Symbian Belle with a 1.3GHz single core processor, 512MB RAM with 16GB of on board storage that’s expandable with microSD. The front features a 4″ AMOLED display that does 640×360 resolution with Gorilla Glass. With a big bulge for the lens, the 808 PureView is 17.95mm thick and weighs 169 grams. There’s also HDMI, DLNA, NFC & a built-in FM Transmitter.

The Nokia 808 PureView is priced at €450 which is about RM1800, and it is expected to ship in May 2012. It’s a pity that it doesn’t run on Windows Phone and the screen resolution of 640×360 is rather low compared to what its camera could do.

Head after the break for more details & video demos.

For more information, you can download the Nokia 808 PureView whitepaper or head over to the Nokia 808 PureView microsite.

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10 Comments for MWC 2012: Nokia 808 PureView with 41MP sensor


The most important aspect of this camera system to me is not the megapixels but the fact that the sensor size 1/1.2" is almost that of a Nikon 1 and larger than most compacts. Coupled with a fairly fast lens ( f2.4) and the oversampled Noise reduction, this camera could actually be usable for low light shots.
Intriguing, how would cramping so many megapixels into a relatively small sensor effect high ISO resolution and can the lense really resolve to this resolution?
So far the posted Flickr images are mostly daylight shots . Mr soyacincau, if you do get to play with this phone soon, please remember to try out low light high Iso shots and see also how good the bokeh is?


Seriously?! 41mp sensor? I wanna own a Nokia 808.. now!


Disappointed that they use Nokia Bella. Might as well run it on Nokia Asha OS.


    What is the different between Bella & Asha OS?


      Belle is Symbian^3. Asha is the old school nokia S40.


This is gonna be a brick! nearly 2CM thick!


the screen resolution is…….

how to show the sharpness of the lens? -_-


please enlighten me…what makes a windows phone SO much better than a symbian phone.. ?_?


which is better Nokia 808 or IPhone 4s


iphone 4s is better > but if you love photograph get 808 > anyway Check it out :…