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Nokia Lumia Malaysia launch happening on 10 February

Update: @ganaeshd tells us via Twitter that the Nokia Lumia 800 is already on display for you to play with at the Nokia Store in the Gardens Mid Valley. We can assume that a number of other Nokia Stores will have the device and possibly the Lumia 710 on display as well. Thanks for the update Ganaesh!

This is it folks, the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones will be officially launched next Friday, 10 February. The event is happening at Pavilion KL around 6.30PM.

The Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 duo are the first batch of Nokia branded Windows Phone 7 devices to hit the market. The only last clue to the puzzle is the pricing which we expected the Lumia 800 to be priced around RM1700-1900 range while the Lumia 710 below the RM1000 mark. According to sources familiar to the matter, Nokia is planning something special as this is one of the most important launch for them this year.

Earlier on, we managed to play with both devices and you can watch our hands-on video as well.

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