Maxis offers FREE MiFi with 6GB Broadband Plan

Posted:  January 17, 2012   By:    9 comments   

If you carry lots of gadgets on the go such as an iPad or WiFi only tablets, a portable wireless router or MiFi is rather useful solution. Now Maxis is giving away a Free Huawei MiFi if you subscribe for its 6GB Broadband package of 12 months. The 6GB Broadband plan goes for RM98/month but existing Maxis subscribers can get it cheaper at RM88/month. That’s a pretty decent deal to have your very own mobile WiFi hotspot as long as you are within the 3G coverage areas.

There’s a RM100 activation fee and if you terminate before the 12 months are up, there’s a RM200 penalty charge. If you need more data, you can top up more quota from RM8 for 500MB/day up to RM28 for 1GB that’s valid for 30 days.

For more information, head over to Maxis.

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9 Comments for Maxis offers FREE MiFi with 6GB Broadband Plan


go to hell marxis


    Calm down bro, they r doing the business


Question is, if you exceed 6gb, will you be charged exprbitantly or will the speed be capped? Coz they mentioned 6gb uncapped there. Scary if true.




this is a lousy deal compared to the earlier 2 years contract get HTC Flyer free… wahahaha… now I know tha battery won't last long using the flyer as a "mifi" device, but heck I'd go for that compared to this MiFi device any day! hahahaha


HTC Flyer was awesome deal. Sad i didnt catch the offer earlier


LOL. Damn old device! 😉


U Mobile's offer is much cheaper. For RM68 only you get a free MiFi. This is because for 5 months you get RM20 rebate from the RM68 plan and just add RM20 for the MiFi modem. This comes with 5GB.