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Latest Android 4.0 ROM leak for the Galaxy S II brings the best of both TouchWhiz and ICS

Galaxy S II users eager to get their hands on Ice Cream Sandwich on their device won’t have to wait for the official release from Samsung with this latest beta ICS ROM leak. Yeap, that’s right, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S II, you can download the beta firmware and get ICS on your device right now*.

We don’t have a Galaxy S II to try out the ROM but from the video, you can see how Samsung has retained much of the TouchWhiz look and feel as well as functionalities that we all love and combined that with the best that ICS has to offer. The result is a pretty tasty looking interface. If you’re wondering, Face Unlock is available in this release but is not enabled.

*We will have to caution you, the leaked ROM is still considered as an early beta so expect glitches and whatnots consistent with an unfinished ROM. We don’t recommend you use this on your primary device. Still to some, the allure of getting ICS on their Galaxy S II much earlier than its official release trumps all the bugs that may come with it. At the end of the day, try at your own risk.

The leaked ROM is available for download, here if you try it out for yourself.