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DiGi conducting super major network upgrade. Users can expect disruptions

Since December 2011, DiGi has begun a network upgrade of epic proportions. DiGi says the exercise is the single most ambitious network modernisation the operator has embarked upon. That’s also indirectly saying that its network was probably not able to cope with the ever growing hunger for mobile data in Malaysia.

The upgrade is expected to continue through 2012 and within this period DiGi targets to upgrade over 400 sites a month on average. Once completed, a total of over 5,000 DiGi sites will have been upgraded.

DiGi says its “Tomorrow Network” will be Malaysia’s first LTE-equipped network by the end of 2012. At the same time the upgraded network will also expand existing EDGE and 3G coverage to 95.8% of the Malaysian population. In addition, DiGi also promises a more stable and environmentally friendly network once the year round upgrade is completed.

It’s certainly interesting to see what this new DiGi network can deliver to consumers. But we noticed that DiGi didn’t specifically put a number to how large its LTE network will be. Being Malaysia’s first publicly accessible LTE network is commendable but if it’s just a small coverage area confined to city centres, it wouldn’t be that useful either.

In this respect, Yes did an amazing job with its WiMAX network covering over 60% of the populated areas in West Malaysia from day one. What Yes did is a hard act to follow but it is not impossible and we’re pretty sure DiGi is aware of this. So we’re expecting DiGi’s LTE footprint to be considerable so that it will be practical.

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While all this is fine and dandy, DiGi subscribers can expect some network disruption as the operator upgrade its network in stages. DiGi has put up an upgrade schedule where you can check which areas are currently being upgraded (thus will be prone to network disruptions). At time of writing, areas in Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and Subang are affected. Do check the website periodically to see the latest areas affected by the upgrade.

We would like the information presented in the upgrade schedule to also include areas in which the upgrade works have been completed. This way, users can try the new network out for themselves and see if there are discernible increase in network performance and stability.

All the best in your network upgrade DiGi. To DiGi subscribers in the upgrade areas, do let us know if you noticed any difference in network performance and stability. Thanks!

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