The best case for your iPhone 4S

Posted:  December 21, 2011   By:    4 comments   

Stand out from the crowd with this snazzy 80s phone case. RM199. Spotted at S&J, One Utama. Says on the box that it fits iPhone 3, 3GS and iPhone 4. We would think it will fit the iPhone 4S as well.

But RM200 is quite steep for what essentially is just a plastic cover.


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4 Comments for The best case for your iPhone 4S


Looks plain ugly to me. Beside, price tag does not commensurate with modern day designs.

Then again, I suppose this is more 'for old time sake' rather than style & convenience.

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For such a novelty item, the price is too over the top. It is being sold on a local auction site at RM159 but to me, the most i would pay for an item which doesnt allow access to the site and top buttons and also cannot take photos, i would say RM40 is the max. And also mind you, also cannot charge while in the casing.


I already ask my friend who owns phone accessories shop.. the cost price for the exact same case is RM33 only.. LOL .. he said if order more will get cheaper!


bro, will appreciate if u can make a right up of the iPhone 4s yellow screen problem. i just bought and iPhone 4s and compared with my iPhone 4, the screen of 4s really sucks ! yellowish compare to iPhone 4. i just wanna let everyone know that before upgrading to iPhone 4s. thanks !