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Celcom iPhone 4S plans and pricing

UPDATE: We compared all 3 iPhone 4S telco plans. Read more here.

Celcom has finally revealed its iPhone 4S offering in Malaysia. Compared to its previous iPhone 4 plans, Celcom now offers 4 plans with the new i68 option at RM68/month.

The entry level i68 plan comes with 50 minutes of talk time, 100 SMS, 10 MMS and 800MB of data. The other plans i98, i148 & i248 appears to remain unchanged. Essentially the i68 has half of i98 except for its Data as the i98 comes with 2GB. In terms of bundled goodies, Celcom differs itself by offering free calls within Celcom network up to a maximum of 6000 minutes a month on all plans as per previous iPhone 4 offering except for i68 which is limited at 3000 minutes.

On the device pricing, it follows the same RRP as Maxis with the iPhone 4S 16GB model priced at RM2190, 32GB at RM2590 and 64GB at RM2890. Compared to the older iPhone 4 offers, the iPhone 4S bundled price is much higher.

On i98, a 12 months contract offers the iPhone 4S 16GB at RM1838 while the iPhone 4 16GB was previously offered at RM1438. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S 32GB on 24 months i248 plan is offered at RM878 while previously the iPhone 4 32GB is offered at RM538.

In terms of upfront advance payment, Celcom requires between RM300-RM1200 depending on plan and contract period. This will be repaid back to your bill equally over a rather long 12 months period. So if you paid RM1200, you will get RM100 a month to knock off your existing usage. As comparison, Maxis advance payment is rebated back equally across 5 months.

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For more details, head over to Celcom iPhone page.

Head after the break for 24 months plan options and comparison of previous iPhone 4 plans.

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