Samsung Galaxy Note back cover is flexible too!

Posted:  November 27, 2011   By:    16 comments   

Earlier on, we’ve managed to fold a Samsung Galaxy S II back plate and we wonder if the Samsung Galaxy Note could do the same.

We are glad to report that the Galaxy Note back cover is flexible as well and this time we even folded it at the opposite direction. So there you have it, The Galaxy Note cover may look flimsy but rest assured that it is quite durable. We wonder if we could do the same on the Galaxy Nexus.

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16 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Note back cover is flexible too!


I heard iPhone notification sound…


this one because the cover make from plastic lor. plastic can bend ma.

    Capt Obvious

    Yes, every plastic can bend. Just like plastic spoon.


    Android user will think Samsung create bendable plastic. 😛

      Sid Acidic

      iOS user will think Apple create the best phone , with "yet" on the end of it .


what is the point of this test?


    Just for fun. Interesting to know trivia about devices.


anyone wanna put it in flame and see how long it takes to burn the whole thing?

can it blend?


SC is batting hard for "note". not sure how many more posts will come in future on note


every plastic can bend ??!!
joker of the day… 🙂


The question is not whether the plastic can bend or not. The question is, will it blend? 😛

Wiz View

the point is,
samsung wins handsomely

Sid Acidic

what u think all plastic can bend ? try bend a white plastic fork and spoon that u use in average food court . bend it and it will break easily .


i'm sure ppl will buy this phone because the plastic can bend


point is…the back cover can be bended….isn't that great !! wow !!


samsung create a plastic which can bend, apple created a glass phone instead.