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By the numbers: HTC and Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices compared

Yesterday Nokia has revealed its Windows Phone 7 line up with the Lumia 800 dubbed as the first real Windows Phone. Despite close collaboration with Microsoft, there isn’t any significant Nokia-exclusive features except for a couple of apps such as Nokia Drive and MixRadio.

So how does it compare spec by spec with HTC? We’ve compiled a comparison above against Nokia’s latest Lumias & N9 for reference. Earlier last month, they have announced the HTC Radar and Titan. The HTC Radar is currently available in Malaysia for RM1,399.

Tentatively it looks like Nokia is giving a pass on Malaysia for the latest Lumia devices which will make its Asian debut in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore at the end of this year. So if you’re planning to get one, you might have to wait until early 2012. The estimated pricing is about RM1117 for the Lumia 710 and RM1830 for the Lumia 800 before shipping and taxes.

If you are planning to get a Windows Phone 7 Mango smart phone, would you wait for Nokia?

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