Samsung Galaxy Note early hands-on in Malaysia. Launch in November?

Posted:  October 25, 2011   By:    27 comments   

The upcoming 5.3″ Samsung Galaxy Note has finally appeared in Malaysia. Don’t get too excited just yet. It isn’t officially available but the folks at Lowyat were lucky enough to get exclusive preview of the device ahead of launch.

Earlier we predicted the Galaxy Note will be launched in Malaysia sometime in December. With the recent price drop of its 4.3″ Samsung Galaxy S II and this latest preview, we might be seeing a possible launch in the next couple of weeks to come. Pricing wise we would expect it to be priced around RM2,000 to RM2,300 range.

So if you’ve been waiting for the Galaxy S II, would you consider the larger Note instead? Our comparison of latest smart phone specs and dimensions here might help.

More pics of the device after the break.


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27 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Note early hands-on in Malaysia. Launch in November?


Going to upgrade my iPhone 4 to Galaxy Note. Finally iPhone lose to Android.

    Dit Dot

    Steve Jobs in 2007: "Who wants a stylus?"
    Samsung in 2011: "Hello stylus!"


    Why iPhone lose to Android? Screen and Stylus?

      Darren Loke

      he's delusional, ignore him.


Been eyeing this since its launch in IFA back in Sept! Can't wait for it to arrive here in Msia! I'd be the first to buy it! Hope it's RM2k or cheaper, hah! Fingers crossed!


Don't you find Note is too big? Galaxy Nexus 4.6" is more comfortable in hand.


Got fire sale? Maybe RM300 for the first 50 customers. Wonder how many will queue up.


    i WILL QUEUE !!!

Sid Acidic

pity iPhone 4s owner . ish ish .

    Darren Loke

    are you a retard or something?


      Only isuck user are retards

        Choco Divider



          Couldnt agree more


I also always dreaming about owning this monster to replace my ageing iphone 4. But again I wondering should i replace it since iOS 5 is really great piece of software.totally fell in love with Reader n lots of app made optimize for iOS. N does it easy to handle this monster with 1 hand like iphone? Because i need it when im in lrt.

    Darren Loke

    be careful not to drop your tablet.

    oops, its a phone.

Darren Loke

this phone is a "rojak" between a phone and a tablet.

a very simplistic idea indeed.

But its more of a trial and error product to test the market without proper research.


    Actually there's a failed product called Dell Streak with single core. Lag. I think this Samsung Note will be more usable.

      Darren Loke

      yup, "think" is the only suitable word to describe this thing now

      we'll see.


Why is my samsung galaxy S ii always hanged?


Nice photoshop 🙂


when i can get this in malaysia? no need from service provider but samsung or handphone dealer.


I read in Samsung Uni-verz Facebook page that Samsung is going to launch Note some where middle of this month and price is below RM2500…this this true?


    Maybe on cool would that be


    it already arrived at India last 2 days, pls Samsung, i want it so urge!!!


its so fantastic…
i will get it.


You got a funny thumb 😛

samsung drive crazy

damn it so cool…. my friends told me the price will be around RM2300 to RM2000…..