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Nokia N9 Unboxed

Posted:  October 22, 2011   By:    12 comments   

We got a few requests for a Nokia N9 unboxing video, and so here it is.

Bonus video after the break featuring our first impressions on the Nokia N9. The video was shot a while back, just finally had the time post it up now. Hope you like it.

In any case, the Nokia N9 is a really special device from Nokia, MeeGo looks very polished and if you can look beyond the limitations that iOS and Android users take for granted, this platform has a future. In fact we want Nokia to give it a future, it is that good.

On the N9, MeeGo has so much potential that we’re not sure if Nokia even needs Windows Phone to stay relevant in the smartphone market.

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12 Comments for Nokia N9 Unboxed


Err… other than a few thousand fart apps, what limitations are you talking about?


The second video contrast is a little bit of bad, but still acceptable.
Just the walk through not detail enough, especially this is new phone OS interface and like to see more in depth of everything…dialer, sms interface, gallary, how folder organize, system info description…..
May be this video shoot in urget..
Anyway, still quite enjoy the demo on switching the screen.


hmmm… another ifanboy review… dude, try to be a bit unbiased and review on a device basis. your comparisons to the apple products are uncalled for. like comparing a merc to a kancil man… basic voice recognition was like 3 to 4 years ago… facetime rebranding of 3g video calls… hmmm… dude… seriously, do some research and then make a review video.

    Dit Dot

    As a user of Nokia devices, they have their own design when it comes to power plug. I like the recent compact power adapter where the earth pin point can be slide in to save space. The new power plug for the N9 is a copy of the Apple products. They didn't even bother to change it black!! On the Nokia N8, they have a nicer wide box but why they change to this style like iPhone box?


    You 100% correct. Cannot compare la!! This phone is Kancil at Camry price. Soyacincau must compare with dumbphones. Cannot compare with ios and android phone la!

    I still dunno why people will buy a Nokia these days. LOL!!!!


      How about doing a bit of reading before saying something. Read tech blogs (from the pro iphone Engadget, Mobile88, Phonearena and a hell of a lot more) before making ignorant remarks. Mostly positive reviews even from the most biased reviewers..


      Hey Dude I know Nokia N9 cannot compete, with Iphone . However who knows that one day Iphone can be beaten by the Nokia dumb phone. Who knows. In this world nothing is impossible.


I think you may call a video as bonus only if it is not available elsewhere.. you really should use a different term


spoke too soon.. before I watched it.. I guess it's a bonus because you create it yourself…


nice sharing on N9.

The second video contrast was bad, but still acceptable. Just the overview or walkthrough of the N9 interface not in depth enough to have more detail view on how the "thing" is??

Anyway, still enjoy it.. 🙂

big z

the unboxing are too lembab. nerd.. just saying!!!

Chan Chun Yeen

Talk less about the box.