VIDEO: iPhone 4S drop test

Posted:  October 15, 2011   By:    9 comments   

The iPhone 4S is release today in the US and several markets. While many can’t wait to unbox and play around with the latest iPhone, somebody just couldn’t wait to destroy it with a drop test.

To make things more dramatic, the drop test is done right outside AT&T in front of others that are still lining up. You can say some people are just wasteful but this video is more of a promo for repair service that specialise on iPhones. Was the damage worth it? That depends if the number of views generated is worth the damage. Since they are repair guys, this could be a small price to pay.

If gadget destruction is your thing, check out the iPad 2 drop test. We wonder if the iPhone 4S is gonna be blended.

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9 Comments for VIDEO: iPhone 4S drop test


that's how it should be without gorilla glass.


This is not iPhone 4s…. Is iPhone 4


    i thought theres no diff between them in term of hardware except for processor and camera. external all same right?

Sid Acidic

High Quality Apple Product . but that drop is too high for them .


Gorilla glass is breakable but not break in 1 drop and not fragile as iPhone glass…


Wasteful. Fags.

Michael Sebastian

Give it to me la…

Leong Ck

I had translated your post.…