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Recover all your lost apps and data post iOS 5 update

So you’ve made the jump to iOS 5. While you’re looking forward to the over 200 improvements made in what is probably Apple’s most significant iOS update, things are not all hunky dory.

We’ve got a number of reports from users who’ve complained that they’ve lost almost all their data on their iOS device. After a successful iOS 5 update, you may notice that all your apps, songs and what nots have all gone missing. We experienced this as well right after our iOS update.

But don’t despair, your apps and other data are not permanently erased. If you’re one of the many that was affected by this, here’s a step-by-step guide from PCWorld on how can recover everything back.

The Solution

  1. Plug your device back into your PC and open up iTunes.
  2. Click on the device name (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) in the left-hand column.
  3. Click on “Sync” or “Apply” in the bottom-right corner of the screen (see screenshot below). iTunes should begin restoring any data you had on the device.
  4. Be patient. Syncing can take a very, very long time.
  5. After restoring, iTunes may ask if you want to transfer purchased items back to iTunes. You must click “Transfer,” or else those items will be deleted from your device.
  6. Click “Apply” at lower right to restore your device’s data from iTunes.
  7. If all else fails, you can click on the “Summary” tab under your device settings in iTunes, then click “restore.” You’ll see a dialog box that allows you to pick from a previous restore point. Choose a date prior to installing iOS5 (do not click “set up as new”). This will take you back to the way things were. Then, you can install iOS 5 afresh.

Bonus Tip: If above steps don’t work
If the above steps don’t work. Make sure that the “sync apps” box is clicked in the apps tab in iTunes. Click it, select the apps to transfer and hit apply.

Extra Bonus Tip: If you have not yet updated to iOS 5
Before anything, BACK UP and SYNC your iOS device FIRST!

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Sync your device first by clicking on the device in the left-hand column of iTunes, then hitting the “Sync” button in the bottom right corner. That way, no matter what happens during installation, you’ll still have everything backed up.

Also the update may take a long time to complete, so just wait it out.

Hope these tips help. Enjoy your update and good luck!