Nokia N9 available in stores this Friday |

Nokia N9 available in stores this Friday

Posted:  October 5, 2011   By:    13 comments   

We’ve just gotten the official word from Nokia Malaysia. The Nokia N9 will hit stores this Friday, 7 October.

Available in black, cyan and magenta, with two storage options to choose from, the Nokia N9 retails for RM1,799 and RM2,088 outright for the 16GB and 64GB versions respectively.

Last week, we discovered that Celcom has started teasing that it will be coming up with plans for the N9 but at the moment there’s no word from the operator on when they will be releasing their Nokia N9 plans.

With the iPhone 4S a known quantity, will you pick the Nokia N9 over the iOS device?

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13 Comments for Nokia N9 available in stores this Friday


Personally I will wait for 3 months to see the general reaction and feedback. Remember N8 DOA phones? Yea, that little fiasco. If everything is okay with the usability and technicalities of the phone from reviews (data, calls and intuitiveness of the UI) then I will buy this phone.

Don't really care much for the apps availability since I already have an ipad2

Otherwise, hello dual core IP4 🙂


why not SGS2?


its still using symbian right? If so, no point when they dont have that many apps for the platform as i understand it. Better to stick with Android instead 🙂


    N9 os is NOT symbian, they use meego-harmattan aka maemo.. Totally different from symbian. I personally disappoint with 4s,i will go for N9.


      ok, my bad there, but hows the apps like for maemo then? I suppose still cant beat android or iOS….i'm lost with Nokia, dont really have the confidence in them anymore. Since their future would be WP7 apps, then they have this N9 with maemo, i wonder how are they going to support both, do they even have the resources for that (in terms of appstore, etc)?

        Amir Faisal

        have u read somewhere in internet..developers are capable to port android apps in nokia n9.

          Malcolm Lim

          Didnt know that. Lets see how it goes, I have lost faith in Nokia already. With what Google is doing right now, they're on the innovative groove machine and is on an unstoppable momentum train. I hope i'm wrong about Nokia though, it'll be a shame to see an ex-giant tumble. But in this day and age, even Apple is not unfallable. Time will tell.


To be true with u, meego os has been dead, it has been replace with new fresh os,called Tizen.
Tizen will use html5 framework,where meego use Qt framework. Tizen os supported by intel+samsung.
Talk about Nokia smartphone, i also disagree with nokia decision to use wp instead of meego. Meego has a lot of potential.
fyi, currently nokia develop new fresh os called Meltemi. This os is for their next billion project for feature phone..


Is Meltemi another window phone based from Nokia according from the info from this web?
I also disagree with nokia to decide on using wp.. i do not see how effective wp will save nokia from dying slowly.. hope my estimation is false..or else, soon or later, nokia will have to change again.. if not, this brand will become history..


I definitely will be taking 4s with ios 5… I do not see anything compare to IOS 5…:)


I'm satisfied with my Wp7 Mango device. 🙂
Gonna anticipate what will Nokia have in store for their similarly shaped Wp7 devices.…


this is a great hardware…it will sells like hotcake if nokia put android in it.


    If Nokia ever comes out with Android, then htc, Motorola, LG, Samsung, etc will go back being the 2nd class citizens they really are, period!