Slim next-gen iPhone cases start appearing in the US. Completely new iPhone almost confirmed

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The slim teardrop shaped iPhone 5 cases similar in appearance to the one that first surfaced in China, are now in US retail stores. MacRumors reports that AT&T retail store employees have sent in pictures of thin iPhone 5 cases (seen above) verifying the existence of the thin iPhone cases making this probably the clearest sign that the upcoming iPhone will be completely different from the current model.

On the other hand, we also have the allegedly leaked box label suggesting the existence of an iPhone 4S, but at this point in we’re dismissing that as a hoax as the picture looks doctored. But at the same time, some punters still believe that Apple could very well unveil two iPhones come October 4.

Although none of this is written in stone but looking at things as they are, we’re putting money on just a single new iPhone being announced next week.


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