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U Mobile outs Samsung Galaxy S II plan details

Finally U Mobile has released the full details for its Samsung Galaxy S II offer. As reported earlier, the Galaxy S II is offered as low as RM849 with 24 months contract of U Premium’s RM168/month plan.

While that option is quite heavy for some, there are other lower options which are surprisingly affordable ranging between RM999 to RM1499. The best part is the contract duration of only 18 months instead of 24.

For example, those that want the least commitment and cost of ownership, the Galaxy S II is offered at RM1499 on U Lite plan. The U Lite plan offers combined 300 minutes of calls, 200 SMS (within U Mobile and for other networks) and a rather generous 3GB worth of data for just RM68/month. That totals up to RM1,224 for subscription over 18 months and you get to enjoy RM875 subsidy for the phone. On other telcos, RM68/month only give you mobile internet without any calls/sms included.

Overall, these plans aren’t too bad at all and probably is the lowest ownership plan for the Galaxy S II. The only downside of course is the upfront payment which you would need to pay as much as 7 months in advance. That doesn’t necessary mean its a bad thing since you would be paying for subscription anyway.

For more info, head to U Mobile’s Samsung bundle page.