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Microsoft shows off Windows Phone video chat with Tango for Mango

Yes, the headline totally rhymed and it was deliberate. It’s cute! 😛

Anyway…what did we tell you about Windows Phone Mango? It’s going to be something to look forward to even if you’re an Apple maniac. Here’s another video on what you can look forward to with the new Windows Phone 7 release — video chat with Tango — shown here working on the soon to be released HTC Titan which features a titanic 4.7-inch display.

For those who don’t know Tango is a video chat client that works across platform, so iPhone users can call Android users. Unlike FaceTime on the iPhone and iPad, Tango can work on a 3G connection (though a solid WiFi connection would give better video quality). The developers behind Tango is also working on a PC version as well and that’s great.

Tango for Windows Phone looks polished and well-design but it’s weird that Microsoft didn’t show off video chat on its mobile platform using Skype which Microsoft owns.

Speaking about rhymes, did you know that that the Windows Phone version that’s coming after Mango is called Tango? Now you know.