Nokia N9 Malaysia launch event next week

Posted:  September 5, 2011   By:    14 comments   

We just got informed that the Nokia N9 will be launching in Malaysia next week. This comes as a surprise as it is much earlier than the countdown we’ve seen earlier on.

Availability and telco bundling is yet to be known at this point. We hope to reveal more from the media launch event next week.

Read our previous posts on the Nokia N9 here.

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14 Comments for Nokia N9 Malaysia launch event next week

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OMG! It's finally here..can't wait to be the first to own this and end my 7 months wait..wuhu!

Chan Ter Ui

For real? O.o
Nokia Malaysia [official fan page from Facebook] still claims that they got no official release date yet
(Happened this afternoon only) ._.
Urgh.. they better give an affordable RRP =.=


tak saba nk tukar iphone 4 to this n9. hahahahahahahaha

Joshua Wong

DiGi, Maxis & Celcom confirmed to have data plans bundling.…


i am waiting for this phone!!! Super excited!!


i cant wait this device,really hope they will launch next week.
Meego Harmattan is the only OS that can beat ios n android.
My N900 still more advance than ios4 n android 2.3


    wow, a dreamer…….

    even nokia gave up meego.


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i really want one. will get it as soon as it launches. 7 months of savings! woohoo


buy this ,and you will salivating over the iphone 5 your mate is using, lol. and ppl look down on you, simply there are apply/samsung/htc out there, and you chose the forgotten phone.

even nokia abandoned meego, and some bomoh told you its the best thing since nasi lemak, hahahahaha


    There will always be another iphone or android device, so many, so common. Nokia will still support meego for a couple of years, they have contractual obligation with Intel, Intel still support Meego. The meego community will support even if Nokia doesnt. It's open source, can go download some Android application to it.
    How many years you want to use your handphone? 5 years? 10 years? Within 2-3 years new model come out, you all buy new one already.
    Wait Samsung decide to go with Meego, then only know


n9 is good, agreeable. n900? that sucks.

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