Samsung Galaxy S II back cover folded in half

We did it! We thought it would break but it didn’t. We folded the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S II in half and it survived intact and perfectly usable.

How did this came about? We saw a video on YouTube showing a dude doing the exact same thing. Problem is, he did it with a Korean version of the S II. Now, there’s a slight possibility that the Korean variant of the device may use a different material for the back cover among other things so folding the back cover of the Malaysian version of Galaxy S II might yield spectacularly disastrous results.

One of us tried it a few times but chickened out upon hearing the flimsy plastic creak in protest as if it was near its breaking point. The other one of us merely ignored the creaks and went all the way. And thus, we have the resulting video.

So Galaxy S II owners, you now have a neat party trick to show friends and strangers alike but we’ll have to warn you, we don’t condone abuse and mistreatment of gadgets especially if its your own. We’re not responsible for any damage or bodily injury that may result. Don’t try this at home, just show your friends the video we made.

Bonus: Another daring Galaxy S II owner showed he could flex his back cover all the way too. Video here. It may look easy but trust us, its takes some force to bend that back plate.