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HTC Malaysia drops price for HTC Flyer from RM2,499 to RM2,099

We’ve just received an alert from HTC Malaysia, they’ve reduced the price of the HTC Flyer from RM2,499 to RM2,099 with immediate effect. In addition to the new pricing, HTC will throw in a limited edition skin for free while stocks last. Head on over to after the jump to check out the skin designs.

We’ll come out and say it — the HTC Flyer is an under appreciated tablet. We like its features and we like the performance of the 7-inch tablet despite having only a single-core processor and not running Honeycomb. For HTC’s first attempt at a tablet, the HTC Flyer is a very polished device and there’s very little to fault. When we first had our hands on it, we lamented at how such a great package is hampered by a ridiculously high price. With a RM400 reduction in the RRP, it’s now that little bit easier to justify purchasing the talented HTC Flyer.

We’re wondering if the price revision will affect subsidized pricing for the device. Let’s hope so.