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49 days till the launch of the Nokia N9. Expect Malaysia launch around the same time

Nokia has just made public a countdown page for the launch of the Nokia N9. So it’s official official, in just 49 days Nokia will release what is possibly its best phone is recent memory. Yes we said it. The Nokia N9 is a splendid piece of kit in virtually all aspects. Except for the fact that the future of MeeGo is an uncertain one and based on our experience with the phone last night, it is such a waste if Nokia choose not to pursue this platform further.

Back to the story. The page is in Swedish and is probably more reflective of the launch date for Sweden and perhaps Europe but based on our conversations with Nokia reps from last night’s Nokia N9 preview, its a safe bet that you can expect the MeeGo device to be launched in Malaysia around the same time. Counting 49 days ahead from today, the launch date is on September 23, we don’t expect the Malaysian launch to be earlier than that.

Some local online pundits are saying that the Nokia N9 launch will happen in a couple of weeks, this is 50% accurate. There will be a media launch for the device in a couple of weeks but the device will only hit store shelves about a fortnight after the media launch. What is definitive is the Nokia N9 launch will happen in September.

Take it from us, if you’re a Nokia fan, you will want to wait for this phone. If you’re not a Nokia fan, do Nokia a favour and just give the a N9 try.

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