State Assemblymen says access to social media sites could be disrupted come July 8 and 9

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Selangor State Assemblymen for Seri Setia and Parti Keadilan Communications Director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad claims that reliable sources have informed him that Bukit Aman had called for a meeting amongst telcos to discuss the possibility of disrupting access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter on July 8 and 9.

If this is true, one can construe the order by Bukit aman to be in direct violation of the Malaysian Multimedia Act that guarantees that there will be no censorship of the Internet in Malaysia, and it contradicts what Prime Minister Najib Razak has said in April of this year where he promised that there will never be any form of censorship of the internet, though in this case the term censorship appears to be very vague.

Before anyone goes panicking, we must stress that this bit of information is remains UNCONFIRMED. Even if the meeting did happen it now remains to be seen if the operators summoned by Bukit Aman will execute the order to disrupt access social networking sites this weekend. But the reality remains, as with any heavily regulated industry, if the order does come it, there is very little the players within that industry can do but to comply to the directive.

We surely home that its doesn’t come to this.


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8 Comments for State Assemblymen says access to social media sites could be disrupted come July 8 and 9


I thought the internet has been censored already with the blockage of the sharing site?
Isnt it?

Andrew C

very simple -there will no disruption to social network-but speed(or there will be no speed) throttled to unbelievable snail pace, making access to social network a painful and frustrating experience..then when complaint is raised, telcos will have a leverage saying the service tax needs to be pass down to prepaid customers to expand network to prevent such an occurrences,and the snail speed is just so coincide with a illegal party activity—hmm..Bersih is so illegal..and the opposite of Bersih and illegal is so divine words now.

Now the telcos will post in their Facebook wall- so what are your plans for this weekend if Bersih comes along with its stadium or no stadium protest


I still feel BERSIH is necessary to make a point. Besides, its not like the Government is playing clean anyway. The fact that they can lie and go back on their word is enough said. The blocking of file sharing sites was just a small step. Pretty soon, I know they're gonna block out social media and filter content. Watch as freedom is taken from us soon.

    Kiwi in Malaysia

    only if you allow it to be taken from you.

    freedom is not free as the saying goes.

    you have to be willing to pay any price to ensure your freedoms not only exist, but are strongly upheld in the face of tyranny.

    are apathetic Malaysians willing to pay the price? to do what it takes whatever the costs? because that is what it takes.

    WW2 was fought for such a reason. a whole generation sacrificed its' youth in order for the next to live in freedom. Malaysians haven't shown much of a spine. they've let the authorities take too much away without challenging anything due to fear.

    but it looks as if things have finally changed in the hearts of Malaysians. they've realised that constantly 'giving in' and acceding to the authorities has led those authorities to believe they are above the law. but they are not. the PM is not above the law, nor are the police.

    let them do all this to you, but don't have a short memory. vote them out. it is the biggest slap in the face you can give an arrogant politician.


Malaysia censorship of the internet start even before blockage of the sharing site & Prime Minister Najib Razak statement. Have u all realise that was censored from Malaysia years ago


haha, this guys sangat pandai manipulasikan perkataan 'reliable source'. i can tweet i can FB, i can blog, i can google+.


It has begun.

"Account Temporarily Unavailable
Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes."


what had begun? everyone's else FB/Twitter/YM are working just fine..stop being so paranoid & and conspiracy theory mongering…

anyway..a tweet of a politicians quoting a "reliable source" is now a news is it? how "credible" was that…not to mention no posting comments that goes against the site admin so-call wow….freedom of speech huh…and people's rights..isnt this the amongst the agenda of this whole political nonsense in the first place?