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DiGi introduces iPad specific data plans

DiGi today has introduced a number of broadband plans designed specifically for the iPad. While iPad uses broadband like any tablets or 3G modems, DiGi thinks there’s a good reason to market a new range of plans differently. Maxis has done the same a while back with plans between 3.5GB to 15GB.

So what’s DiGi offering? While Maxis expects high volume usage for tablets beyond the normal average, DiGi has taken a much realistic approach of smaller sized plans between 500MB and 6GB.

For the casual user, the entry level iPad Lite offers 500MB at RM30/month and if you do exceed this quota, DiGi is charging a low flat rate of 5sen/MB with a max cap of RM90. It is not clear whether the RM90 is the total maximum you pay per month or maximum for excess usage on top of your monthly RM30 commitment.

For the more demanding users, there’s the iPad Basic which offers 2GB at RM58/month and iPad Pro 6GB at RM88 a month. Both Basic and Pro offers unlimited access but speeds will be throttled to 128kbps upon reaching the cap. Throttling also applies for iPad Lite users once they reached their cap limit.

In terms of speed, they claim an average speed of 700kbps download and 200kbps upload. For more information on the plans, check out DiGi’s iPad plan page.

How does this compare with existing DiGi broadband offers? To us, DiGi is filling the gaps between its existing offering of 3GB to 16GB plans. If you’re using it primarily during the day, another cheap plan to consider is DiGi’s Discovery Day plan that offers 3GB/month but speeds are throttled at night.

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There’s also a tiny note from DiGi at the bottom that customers are urged to check area of coverage before signing up. That’s a thoughful reminder as DiGi’s broadband current service leave much to be desired. Lately there has been a lot of complaints of DiGi 3G network due to connectivity issues. Last week their 3G network has down for an extended duration followed by their website unavailability for couple of days.