BMW’s don’t text and drive message

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BMW jumps on board the don’t text and drive bandwagon because idiots need constant reminders. We know our readers are not idiots but if you know one that it. Spread the word. Because those who still think that it is perfectly ok to text and drive will eventually kill someone on the road.

We don’t know about you but we’re not going to let an idiot ruin our lives.

Head on over to after the jump to view the BMW’s don’t text and drive PSA.

Once again people, please don’t text and drive.

Our local operators should start on a similar initiative. Actually, the MUST.


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3 Comments for BMW’s don’t text and drive message

Billy Lian Junxiang

stupid parents do stupid things. =D dont text especially with a touch screen phone.


ohoo.. BMW using Google Nexus One model in their ads


Yeah! This is safe mode to drive BMW on road and everybody must obey this rule in order to save their life.