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Windows 8 gives a glimpse of what a Windows tablet could look like

Never thought that the day would come where we are genuinely excited about a new Windows release. This short video showcasing some of the many features of the upcoming Microsoft OS — codenamed Windows 8 — gives us a glimpse of what a next-generation Windows powered tablet could look like, and so far, we liking what we see.

Of course, we’re still at least a couple of quarters away to actually seeing a finished product from Microsoft and from the hardware manufacturers, but this new Windows 8 OS looks to hold a lot of promise. It is like a perfect amalgamation of iOS, Android Honeycomb and the QNX-based OS running on the BlackBerry Playbook.

If only Microsoft can gather critical mass for its app ecosystem quickly and they learn from the various shortcomings of Windows Phone 7, then this Windows 8 looks to be a worthy contender in the tablet wars.