Yes plagued by intermitent network connection

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Update: Yes announced that its network is stabilised and “fully restored”. Based on our usage experience, it’s so far so good. Are you a Yes user? How’s your connectivity this morning?

If you’re a Yes customer and facing connectivity issues, you’re not alone. From our experience and complaints of others, Yes seems to be having some network problems since yesterday evening as far as we can tell. While we were able to connect to the Yes 4G network, we were not able to access any sites other than the portal.

Though the issue seems to be intermittent, we have to say that it is extremely frustrating to not be able to access sites when you want to get things done quickly.

On our last check, we’re still experiencing intermittent connectivity on Yes.

Yes has made an announcement that rectification works is on the way. According to them the issue was caused by one of their “key network service providers”. There’s no timeline given but we hope they can stabilise the network as soon as possible. The Yes network has been solid so far and while network issues are part and parcel of the internet game we hope that Yes makes sure that these disruptions are very few and far, far in between.


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4 Comments for Yes plagued by intermitent network connection

2nd subscriber



shit, my huddle cannot get connection, but when i using go device, still can online. so weird… my ipad2 is useless now!!!! please act fast to recover the problem occurred!


Only partially solved. Go-to-reload-page problem is gone. However, sometimes need to connect-disconnect-connect-again to use YES.


I just got yes from bukit indah johor dongle and used it on my notebok and keeps getting cut off intermittent used at jln indah 15/1 81200 Johor just near shop lot in front of vg restaurant this despite the signal full then 2 bars then intermittent again it will then say reconnecting but nothung happens so have to keep pulling out the dongle and reconnect from there. Also did speed test and was download at 3mbps and upload at 4mbps then suddenly the uploads keeps getting stuck and shows 4mbps and test hangs on speedtest, p1 speed test also same on most speed test web site also same isssue mmmmm winder why strange.