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HTC Sensation vs Samsung Galaxy S II

Dual core Android devices are creating a lot of buzz lately with both Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation running at 1.2GHz. The Samsung Galaxy S II is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 while the HTC Sensation uses Qualcomm’s dual-core MSM8260 processor. In terms of screen, the Galaxy S II boasts having the best display quality with its Super AMOLED Plus while the Incredible is pushing out higher resolution with its qHD display at 960×540.

Just recently, the folks at SlashGear were lucky enough to have both devices at hand. With some ample playtime, they managed to post a brief comparison review of the two.

In terms of design, the thicker HTC Sensation at 11.3mm is reportedly better in the hands compared to the thinner 8.49mm Galaxy S II. They also mentioned that the Sensation feels smaller due to its rounded corners and edges.

On the screen display, the Galaxy S II is predictably better in terms of viewing angle, colour reproduction and contrast but loses out to the Sensation when it comes to resolution. In situations such as viewing a full web page, the texts are obviously much more readable on the higher resolution Sensation without the need to zoom.

Are both dual-cores smart phones equal? The Quadrant Advanced test results revealed that the Galaxy S II’s Tegra 2 chip is better, scoring a 3504 points compared to the Sensation’s 2245. Slashgear gave a note that the benchmarks may not portray the full picture as it each manufacturer may throttle its CPU differently depending on environment. Plus, it is still too early to tell as both manufacturers could still be tweaking their softwares before it is officially released in our markets.

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Note: As pointed out by chocolate, the Galaxy S II tested might be using a Exynos variant instead of Tegra 2 which explains the big difference in Quadrant scores. The Galaxy S II offers 2 different SoC dependent on region.

Head after the break for their video hands-on and more comparison shots.

You can read the full comparison article over at Slashgear.