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Android Mini Collectibles Series 2

As previewed several months back, the Android Mini Collectibles Series 2 is finally here in Malaysia. The TakenShop is an authorised online retailer in Malaysia where you can order these collectibles locally without incurring expensive international freight charges.

For the collectibles, you are able to purchase random individual pieces at RM32/each while a complete box set is sold at RM465. The individual pieces are completely random and you won’t know know which design you’ll get. For serious collectors, you are guaranteed to get 11 of the base designs in the complete box set with some of them repeated like the Greeneon, Bluebot, Hexcode and IceBerg. The fun however doesn’t stop there as there’s a mystery design in every box set. We are told that there are 3 mystery designs in total. Read on for the full unboxing.

What do you get in a box? You’ll get  a mini checklist leaflet and a mystery wrapped up collectible protected with a sponge. It is professionally packed and even the Noogler doll design with copter propeller is protected with a custom plastic shell.

Unboxing video

It was fun opening each box especially with the thrill of not knowing what you’ll get inside. The plastics used is of high quality and we noticed that the translucent figures are noticeably heavier and thicker to compensate for its hollow look. Both head and hands are movable to create a different look and expression.

From our play time with the figures, we noticed that the heads of the translucent dolls can be removed with a little pressure. Not sure if this was done on purpose but you could store some small items in them. One of our favourite doll, the cup-cake surprisingly smells different from the rest. It does smell sweet almost similar like a real icing laden cupcake.

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If you’re a big Android fan, this is a must have collectible item. Even if you’re not a fan but if you know someone who does, this makes a great surprise present as well. The easiest way to buy one online is via the TakenShop. They ship nationwide in Malaysia and from our experience, their packaging is top notch to prevent any damages to your ordered goods. To place an order, head straight to the TakenShop. If Android is not your thing, they are also selling Angry Birds dolls too in various birds and sizes.

This post is brought to you by the Taken Shop.