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VIDEO: Official Samsung Galaxy S II Hands-on

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II is featured again in another video. Especially for those who can’t wait, Samsung has released an official hands-on video which goes through the details of the device which includes TouchWiz, Web Browser and an improved email client. This gives us a closer look at the device unlike its previous commercial videos.

The 12 minute video shows almost everything that the phone has to offer including how widgets, home screens and apps are being managed. What we liked particular is the email client which looks like a tablet interface when used in landscape mode. As teased earlier, they also demo the gyroscope assisted navigation/zoom feature.

A new feature worth highlighting is its Kies Air, where you can manage your phone’s media files from your computer via wireless connection. Basically the Galaxy S II turns into a media web server which you can directly view and manage your content through its web interface on your computer’s browser. Overall, the Galaxy S II brings a host of new features and improvement over its predecessor the Galaxy S in both hardware and software aspects. HTC has joined the dual-core Android arena with its HTC Sensation. It would be interesting to see how both will compare in terms of usability and most importantly pricing.

Now when is the Samsung Galaxy S II launching in Malaysia? We can’t wait.