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KT Egg Sleeve brings 4G Connectivity to the iPhone 4

Now this is a brilliant idea. Combine a 4G MiFi with the form factor of a slim battery pack for your iPhone 4 to slide snugly into. The KT Egg Sleeve is just a device.

The Egg Sleeve is a 4G MiFi that takes a form factor of a battery pack for the iPhone 4. So now instead of carrying two separate devices (iPhone and MiFi), you can power your iPhone 4 with 4G connectivity in a sleek piggyback sleeve form factor.

We’re not sure if the Egg Sleeve is also a battery but it does come with a 1500mAh battery to give you 5 hours of 4G connectivity bliss. Overall the sleeve adds 68g of heft and just over 17mm of bulk (in terms of thickness) to the iPhone 4. Negligible considering the how much faster things load up on 4G.

The KT Egg Sleeve retails for KRW128,000 which about RM350 at today’s exchange rate. For around that price we can definitely consider something like this mating with our iPhone 4 (provided of course the 4G network performance is up to par).

So we’re putting out to P1 and Yes this challenge. The product people from both operator know that this is a bloody good idea. Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Which among Malaysia’s two top 4G operator is going to bring this innovation to Malaysia?

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