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Tune Talk revamps website & Free SIM and delivery offer

Tune Talk, Malaysia’s aggressive MVNO prepaid has given its website a whole new revamp. On first glance, it looks pretty refreshing with heaps of red and it runs heavily on flash. While today’s trend where most portals or websites are beginning to switch to non-flash design with javascript implementation, Tune Talk had defied the odds with having a port folio designer style website which navigates both horizontal and vertically.

It looks cool and fun at first but after flicking through the site, it tends to feel a little cluttered. You can use both mouse or keyboard directionary keys to navigate but we were surprised that the mouse scroll wheel doesn’t work with their pages. As Tune Talk subscribers ourselves, we are also having problems locating the self care to check our account details and usage. Anyone managed to find it?

Website aside, Tune Talk is probably the country’s simplest mobile prepaid SIM plan with its fixed rate of 16sen/minute for calls, 5 sen per SMS and the first to offer 5sen per MB for prepaid mobile data.

Now they are giving free sim card with delivery if you purchase one with a minimum top up of RM30.

For more details, visit their newly revamped website here.